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Will price caps on coal and gas bring power prices down? An expert isn't so sure

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 9 December


Does Rewiring the Nation's concessional finance really change the case for Marinus?

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 19 October


The end of coal-fired power is in sight, even with private interests holding out

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 10 October


How home batteries can be good money spinners – and lessen the need for subsidies

Bruce Mountain and Ben Willey, Renew Economy, 20 September


For the billions UK is spending on power bill subsidies, we could decarbonise our entire grid

Bruce Mountain, The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 September


Labor's renewable target is much more ambitious than it seems. We need the best bang-for-buck policy responses

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 12 July

Our spectacular energy failure: governments hobbled the market and now they must rescue it

Bruce Mountain, The Age, 17 June

Australia needs lots of storage, more transmission, and regulators who can factor in emissions

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 2 June

Labor's rewiring the nation plan is the wrong answer

Bruce Mountain and Peter Harris, The Australian Financial Review, 1 June

Why are power prices likely to keep surging, and where do we go from here?

Bruce Mountain, Smart Company, 30 May

Expect more power price hikes - a 1970s - style energy shock is on the cards

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 27 May

Electricity prices are spiking, ten times as much as normal. Here are some educated guesses as to why

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 11 May

What has Morrison's 'big stick' to cut power bills achieved? Nothing, as far as we can tell

Kelly Burns, The Conversation, 7 April 

How to value transmission? Why Marinus has less chance of covering costs than Basslink

Bruce Mountain and Ben Willey, Renew Economy, 11 March

Victoria's offshore wind plan is biggest thing since Loy Yang. Shame the media missed it

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 7 March

The battle for AGL heralds a new dawn for Australian electricity

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 21 Feb

Labor's plan to green the Kurri Kurri gas power plant makes no sense

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 2 Feb

Taxpayers' money for Marinus Link would be Tasmania pork

Bruce Mountain and Ted Woodley, The Australian Financial Review, 12 Jan

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