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'No trilemma': Study finds increased renewables push down power prices

Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 6 Dec 2018

How to make the state great in eight years

The Age, 30 Nov 2018

The bill shock you may not know about – but should

Janelle Ward, Your Life Choices, 26 Nov 2018

Is Labor's energy plan really a wrecking ball for industry?

​Nicole Hasham, The Sydney Morning Herald, 24 Nov 2018

Power plays over green energy subsidies

​Charis Palmer, The Saturday Paper, 24 Nov 2018

Experts back Mike Cannon-Brookes: Australia can be clean energy superpower

​Ben Potter, Australian Financial Review, 2 Nov 2018

Voters eager to punish politicians 'stuck in the past': energy expert

​Ben Potter, Australian Financial Review, 21 Oct 2018

Who’s got the energy mix to win the Victorian state election?

​Dr Martin Hurst, MW, 15 Oct 2018

Excess solar power in network could cause blackouts, damage infrastructure

​Liz Hobday, ABC, 11 Oct 2018 and watch the ABC's 7.30 Report here.

Sun shines on Labor's solar scheme as Liberal energy war flares up

Adam Carey, Noel Towell and Joe Hinchliffe, The Age, 14 Sept 2018

Coal baron Trevor St Baker fears VRET will drive prices up

Ben Potter and Mark Ludlow, Australian Financial Review, 12 Sept 2018

Powering the energy debate

Victoria University, 20 Aug 2018

New research claims National Energy Guarantee (NEG) will be ineffective

​Patricia Karvelas, ABC Radio National, Separate Stories podcast, 25 Jul 2018

The NEG won't stop the unstoppable march of renewable energy

​Ben Potter, Australian Financial Review, 25 Jul 2018

State's solar and wind energy boom could power every home for a year

​Adam Carey, The Age, 5 Jul 2018

New research claims National Energy Guarantee (NEG) will be ineffective

​Leon Byner, FIVEaa, Jul 2018

'Frankenstein's monster': Energy plan may allow states to 'free ride'

​Nicole Hasham, Peter Hannam and Cole Latimer, The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Jun 2018

Frydenberg tells states conservative Liberals won't get their way on emissions cuts

Katharine Murphy, The Guardian, 15 Jun 2018

Turnbull government's sudden shift raised NEG doubts, Victoria says

​Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Jun 2018

New Centre to drive energy policy in Victoria

​Renew Economy, 13 Jun 2018

Energy expert to Tomago Aluminium: Buy cheap wind and solar power

​Ben Potter, Australian Financial Review, 13 Jun 2018

New policy hub to tackle 'vested interests' in energy sector

​Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 11 Jun 2018

Independent and Bipartisan Review of the Electricity and Gas Retail Markets in Victoria

Victorian State Government, Mar 2018

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