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AEMC told to go back and consult on Cogati, but MLFs still a battle zone

Giles Parkinson, Renew Economy, 25 Nov 2019


Australian Beyond Coal Campaign Launches

Michael Bloch, Solar Quotes Blog, 22 Nov 2019

Renewable investors fear new AEMC rules will prop up fossil fuels

Giles Parkinson & Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy, 20 Nov 2019

Coal seen as biggest threat to Victoria power supply

Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy, 19 Nov 2019

Highest power prices at night mooted to ease peak-time demand

Benjamin Preiss, Nick Toscano and Peter Hannam, The Age, 18 Nov 2019

Victoria pushes for urgent overhaul of energy rules as blackouts loom

Nick Toscano and Benjamin Preiss, The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Nov 2019

Clouds gather over Portland as Alcoa flags closures

Peter Ker and Angela Macdonald-Smith, Financial Review, 17 Oct 2019

Energy industry weighs up 'crowding out' risks of Snowy's storage plan

Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 17 Oct 2019

Snowy Hydro may push up power prices, analysts say

Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 Oct 2019

Snowy 2.0 'worst possible project in worst possible place', new report says

Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Oct 2019

'The wrong project in the wrong place’: Malcolm Turnbull’s Snowy 2.0 vision comes at a huge cost

Quentin Dempster, The New Daily, 3 Oct 2019

The ACT is set to run on 100 per cent net renewable energy. What does that mean?

Nick Bonyhady, The Sydney Morning Herald, 1 Oct 2019

Embedded power networks stopping consumers from accessing cheapest power

Are renewables really cheaper than coal and nuclear?

RMIT ABC Fact Check Unit, Crikey, 12 Sept 2019

Save your energy: electricity consumers fail to get results

Mirage News, 3 Sept 2019

Switching power provider in complex market generates no big savings

Paying high electricity bills? Making the switch to another provider may not make any difference

Liz Hobday and Lisa Divissi, ABC 7.30, 2 Sept 2019

Consumers switching electricity retailers not saving much money: study

Angela Macdonald-Smith, The Australian Financial Review, 2 Sept 2019

Ballarat blackout risk unless action is taken now

Alex Ford, The Courier, 23 Aug 2019

Power cuts may hit as many as 1.3 million Victorian homes this summer

Nick Toscano and Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 Aug 2019

Power strains predicted for grid this summer if repairs fail

Nick Toscano and Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 Aug 2019

Electricity prices on the rise despite reregulation of the market

Stephen Letts, ABC News, 15 July 2019

Experts cast doubt on Coalition's power price pledge

Nicole Hasham and Cole Latimer, The Sydney Morning Herald, 10 May 2019

Power shock

Liz Hobday, Chris Gillett and Danny Tran, ABC 7.30, 23 Mar 2019

Energy providers “colluded for market power”

Laura Harvey, Energy Magazine, 25 Mar 2019


Hazelwood shutdown pumped AGL Energy profit

Perry Williams, The Australian, Mar 2019


AGL's use of 'huge' market clout costs consumers $3b a year: report

Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 Mar 2019


How AGL profited from Hazelwood closure

Angela Macdonald-Smith, Australian Financial Review, 25 Mar 2019


Australian energy giant AGL 'gouged' customers after Hazelwood closure, new research shows

Liz Hobday, Chris Gillett and Danny Tran, ABC 7.30, 25 Mar 2019


Our Future: No solutions in 'solution package'

Joseph Scales, The Islander, 4 Mar 2019


Origin Energy to take $44m hit from default power price reform

Angela Macdonald-Smith, The Australian Financial Review, 25 Feb 2019

Solar demographics: Low-to-mid income households choose solar to beat rising power prices

Energy Matters 5, 25 Feb 2019

Poorer households switching to solar faster than the rich

Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 23 Feb 2019


Victoria's frail energy grid exposed on day of record heat and demand

Adam Carey, The Age, 25 Jan 2019

10 hot trends shaping Australian clean energy

Kane Thornton, Renew Economy, 21 Jan 2019

Two-day power bill hits $1bn for states

Ben Packham and Perry Williams, The Australian, Jan 2019


Downed power lines trap residents in five streets in Sydney’s west

Matthew Benns, The Daily Telegraph, Jan 2019

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