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Powershop bleeding customers after Shell takeover, amid 'greenwashing' concerns

Emilia Terzon, ABC News, 11 Dec 2021  


Experts question Labor's claim it will cut power bills by $378 by 2030

Mike Foley, The Sydney Morning Herald, 7 Dec 2021  


'Kill the viability': big batteries to lose out from electricity grid rule change

Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 30 Nov 2021  


Is switching energy providers worth it?

Richard Aedy on The Money, ABC Radio National, 25 Nov 2021  


'Reaching back to the horse and cart': Morrison government's gas plan panned 

Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 26 Nov 2021  


Tesla batteries seen undercutting Australia's $7.1b Marinus Link project 

James Thornhill, The Age, 25 Nov 2021  


Australian battery company revolutionises 140-year-old technology

Laura Chung, The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 Nov 2021  


Big batteries will render Marinus Link "obsolete", new analysis suggests 

Michael Mazengarb, Renew Economy, 24 Nov 2021  


Marinus Link project likened to Snowy 2.0 in damning new report warning of 'dead-weight loss'

Laura Beavis, ABC News, 24 Nov 2021  


Can renewables take us all the way?

Rachel Mealey, ABC The World Today, 2 Nov 2021  


Here's why Australians won't be hit by those soaring gas prices we're seeing overseas

Rod Myer, The New Daily, 22 Oct 2021  


'It will dwarf coal': NSW plan seen as a 'leap forward' for hydrogen

Nick Toscano and Nick O'Malley, The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Oct 2021  


Demand for home batteries grows

Emilia Terzon, The Business ABC, 29 Sept 2021  (This video is available until 9pm, 6 October 2021)  


Why solar feed-in tariff cuts are driving a spike in household battery uptake

Emilia Terzon, The Business ABC, 29 Sept 2021    


'Drawing a line': Victoria to oppose special payments for coal plants

Miki Perkins and Peter Hannam, The Age, 17 Sept 2021    


Large-scale renewable investment may be trending up; rooftop PVs

Natalie Filatoff, PV Magazine, 13 Sept 2021    


New report says HumeLink on wrong economic footing

Katie Haley, Tumut and Adelong Times, 13 Sept 2021    


Snowy 2.0 hit by another blow out in costs, and consumers will foot the bill

Giles Parkinson, Renew Economy, 13 Sept 2021    


Households could be up for $2b electricity transmission cost blowout

Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 Sept 2021    


What does the "solar tax" mean for consumers? Here are six key takeaways

Sophie Vorrath, One Step Off The Grid, 12 Aug 2021    


Energy retailers are being clobbered. Here's why that's good news for you

Rod Myer, The New Daily, 30 July 2021    


Solar tax survey slammed by energy experts for "misleading" consumers

Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy, 27 July 2021    


Australia's 'sun tax': solar energy supporters split over how to make electricity grid fairer

Adam Morton, The Guardian, 17 July 2021    


Big $300m battery to be built without Government aid in market first

Peter Hannam, The Age, 5 July 2021    


Rooftop solar is not the preserve of the wealthy, so why tax it?

Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy, 28 June 2021    


Emission impossible: Barnaby Joyce's power play fires up the Nationals

Nick O'Malley, Zach Hope and Mike Foley The Sydney Morning Herald, 26 June 2021    


'Solar tax' founded on false premise, according to policy centre

Bella Peacock, PV Magazine, 23 June 2021    


Thrashing out public and industry submissions to the AEMC rule change

Natalie Filatoff, PV Magazine, 14 June 2021    


Charging to export solar: will it send the system backwards?

Bruce Mountain, Energy Magazine, 14 June 2021 - This article originally appeared on The Conversation    


Return of the Sun Tax

Tristan Rayner, PV Magazine, 12 June 2021   


Morrison government's $600m gas power plant at Kurri Kurri not needed and won't cover costs, analysts say

Adam Morton, Environment Editor, The Guardian, 10 June 2021   


Industry skewers "messy" solar tax proposal in joint submission to AEMC

Sophie Vorrath, One Step Off The Grid, 3 June 2021   


Queensland Government responds to failure at coal-fired Callide power station by turning to battery power 

Lily Nothling and staff, ABC News, 27 May 2021   


Yackandandah's community battery may not be 'big' but it's enough to 'petrify' energy providers 

Emilia Terzon, The Business, 24 May 2021   


The Business, Monday 24 May 2021

​Bruce Mountain interviewed about community battery storage by Emilia Terzon. This video has expired.


The Business, Wednesday 19 May 2021

​Bruce Mountain interview by Kathryn Robinson. This video has expired.


Queensland joins Victoria in opposing rooftop solar tax, prefers battery support

Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy, 6 May 2021   


NSW solar households to get paid less for daytime exports, more for evening peak

Sophie Vorrath, One Step Off The Grid, 30 April 2021   


Fears proposal to charge households with solar panels to export electricity will kill demand for solar energy

Nadia Daly, ABC News, 29 April 2021 


The PM's 'hydrogen valleys' are empty

Aaron Patrick, Financial Review, 23 April 2021

Gas shortage fears ease with new terminal coming online

Peter Hannam, The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 March 2021

'It's been tough': LaTrobe Valley Workers contemplate future with Yallourn closure in midst

Rhiannon Tuffield, The Courier Mail, 27 March 2021 

Solar tax may be outrageous. But is it as bad as it sounds?

Giles Parkinson, Renew Economy, 26 March 2021 

Why charge solar homes for sending energy to the grid while coal generators get off scot-free

Ellen Roberts, The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 March 2021

The renewable energy rush is being held up by lack of federal policy

Rod Myer, The New Daily, 23 March 2021

A Labor - Liberal political alliance propped up Portland to save coal

Aaron Patrick, The Financial Review, 22 March 2021

Coal plant closures loom large as NSW backs hydrogen for the Hunter

Mike Foley and Nick Toscano, The Sydney Morning Herald, 12 March 2021

Under pressure: coal-fired power plants feel the heat from renewables

Noel Towell, The Age, 23 Feb 2021

What are big batteries and how could they reshape the electricity grid?

Nick O'Malley and Mike Foley, The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Feb 2021

Push for deeper cuts as Victorian emissions sink to lowest level in decades

Miki Perkins, The Brisbane Times, 12 Feb 2021

How is Australia travelling with the switch to electric cars?

Mike Foley, The Age, 1 Feb 2021

No taxes to hit net zero: PM

Geoff Chambers, The Australian, 1 Feb 2021

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