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Proposal to build nuclear power plants at former coal sites in Latrobe Valley draws criticism

Bec Symons and Millicent Spencer, ABC News, 26 Feb 2024


Rystad Energy: big batteries to create tailwind for large scale solar

Jonathan Gifford, PV Magazine, 22 Feb 2024


Why VNI West could risk a "cascading collapse"

Peter Hunt and amp; Madeleine Stuchbery, The Weekly Times, 21 Feb 2024


Vic storm blackouts to be reviewed by inquiry

Samantha Donovan, ABC Listen, 20 Feb 2024


'Breakthrough moment': Littleproud backs rooftop solar

Jacob Greber, Financial Review, 20 Feb 2024


Victoria's power dilemma: Reliability, resilience and a 40-year-old plant

Josh Gordon, The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 Feb 2024


Electricity transmission system in Australia 'very exposed' to weather events

Chris Kenny, SKY News, The Australian, 14 Feb 2024


VIDEO: Nearly 270,000 without power in Victoria's biggest blackout on record

Michael Rowland & Lisa Millar, ABC News Breakfast, 14 Feb 2024


Wild storm causes major power outages in Victoria

Nine News, Today Show, 14 Feb 2024


Downed Vic power lines spark debate

Jonathan Gifford, PV Magazine, 14 Feb 2024


Half a million Victorian homes without electricity and trains cancelled as storm causes issues at state's largest coal-fired plant

Benita Kolovos and Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 13 Feb 2024


Half a million Victorian customers without power as Loy Yang A shuts down and storms damage infrastructure

Jarrod Whittaker and Natasha Schapova, ABC News, 13 Feb 2024


Rooftop solar's success results in "struggling" large-scale segment

Jonathan Gifford, PV Magaazine, 8 Feb 2024

Pacific Green Australia announces plans for 30ha, grid-scale battery park in Portland, Victoria

Emily Bissland, ABC News, 6 Feb 2024


What happens when someone else can remote control your appliances?

Andy Park, ABC Radio National Drive, 5 Feb 2024


"Bad faith actors" slow renewables rollout

Nick Grimm, ABC Online, 2 Feb 2024


VNI West: Final route firms up for controversial transmission line

Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy, 30 Jan 2024


Taxpayer has to pay the price for better electricity bills: Bruce Mountain

Sky News, The Daily Telegraph, 24 Jan 2024


Australia won't be able to build enough renewables to hit 2030 target, NSW agency forecasts

Collin Packham, The Australian Business Review, 24 Jan 2024


Rejected offshore wind project in Melbourne's south-east prompts calls for legal overhaul

ABC News Online, 22 Jan 2024


Is offshore wind the key to Australia's energy transition?

Alexandra Humphries and Krishani Dhanji, ABC Online, 11 Jan 2024


Energy experts question need to to extend coal price cap

Joe Kelly and Colin Packham, The Australian, 9 Jan 2024


After a year of smashing records, will 2024 be the year we take rooftop solar seriously?

Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy, 9 Jan 2024


Rooftop solar drives out coal, wind and grid-scale solar

Simon Johanson, The Age, 7 Jan 2024


Wind, solar farms give way to rooftop solar 'juggernaut'

Angela Macdonald-Smith, Financial Review, 3 Jan 2024

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