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Australian electricity markets policy and economics

Is the NEG just an EIS in disguise, but with added costs?

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 19 April 2018

Three-wheeling towards a poor energy policy outcome

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 6 April 2018

NEG: A tangled web of electricity regulation

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 16 Feb 2018


Some thoughts on capacity markets for electricity in Australia

Presentation by VEPC Director, Associate Professor Bruce Mountain, Productivity Commission Seminar, Melbourne, 27 March 2018


The NEG: A grand plan or much ado about very little?

Presentation by VEPC Director, Associate Professor Bruce Mountain, Economic Society of Australia, Policy in the Pub, Melbourne, 16 May 2018


Electricity market reform in Australia

Bruce Mountain, IAEE Forum, Issue 114, June 2018


NEG emissions plan is a political fix for a non-problem

Bruce Mountain, The Australian Financial Review, 30 July 2018


ESB price claims for target already met are not credible

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 26 July 2018


The NEG is a flagship policy. So why hasn’t the modelling been made public?

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 31 July 2018


Mountain, B. R. (2018). The National Energy Guarantee: decide in haste, repent at leisure: a critical assessment of the proposed National Energy Guarantee. VEPC Report.


Consumers are angry about energy policy that doesn’t add up

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 13 Aug 2018


New demand-response energy rules sound good, but the devil is in the (hugely complicated) details

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 24 July 2019


Australia’s energy woes will not be solved by reinforcing a monopoly

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 23 Aug 2019


Mountain, B. R., Percy, S. (2019). The exercise of market power in Australia’s National Electricity Market following the closure of the Hazelwood Power Station. VEPC Working Paper 1901.


Mountain, B. R., Percy, S. (2019). Ensuring reliable electricity supply in Victoria to 2028: suggested policy changes. VEPC report.


Mountain, B. R., Percy, S. (2020). A study of the market impacts that followed the closure of the Northern and Hazelwood power stations. Report for the Australian Energy Market Operator. Available on request.  


Energy oligopoly using market power to profit under cover of rooftop solar 

Bruce Mountain and Steven Percy, Renew Economy, Feb 2020


A new look inside the workings of Australia’s National Electricity Market 

Bruce Mountain and Steven Percy, Renew Economy, 20 Oct 2020


After two decades, the national electricity market is on its way out, and that’s alright 

Bruce Mountain, VEPC Director, The Conversation, 10 Dec 2020


Texas was a warning. Australia needs to rethink the design of its electricity market

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 26 Feb 2021


Subsidy or not, Yallourn deal will likely set a precedent for more coal closures 

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 17 March 2021


Write-down shows AGL has read the writing on the wall

Bruce Mountain, The Sydney Morning Herald, 8 Feb 2021


The battle for AGL heralds a new dawn for Australian electricity

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 21 Feb 2022


Victoria's offshore wind plan is biggest thing since Loy Yang. Shame the media missed it

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 7 March 2022


What has Morrison's 'big stick' to cut power bills achieved? Nothing, as far as we can tell

Kelly Burns, The Conversation, 7 April 2022


Expect more power price hikes – a 1970s-style energy shock is on the cards

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 27 May 2022


Labor's rewiring the nation plan is the wrong answer

Bruce Mountain and Peter Harris, The Australian Financial Review, 1 June 2022


Australia needs lots of storage, more transmission, and regulators who can factor in emissions

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 2 June 2022

Our spectacular energy failure: governments hobbled the market and now they must rescue it 

Bruce Mountain, The Age, 17 June 2022


Labor's renewable target is much more ambitious than it seems. We need the best bang-for-buck policy responses

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 12 July 2022


Mountain, B. R. (2023). Australia's spot electricity market: reflections and prospects’ Published in Forum. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies.


Mountain, B. R. (2023). The changing role of markets in Australia’s transition to renewable electricity: back to where we started? Speaking notes for guest lecture at Energy Matters, Auckland University Energy Centre Speaker Series.


For the billions UK is spending on power bill subsidies, we could decarbonise our entire grid

Bruce Mountain, The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 September 2022


The end of coal-fired power is in sight, even with private interests holding out

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 10 October 2022


Politics with Michelle Grattan: Energy expert Bruce Mountain on what to do about the gas crisis 

Michelle Grattan and Prof Bruce Mountain, The Conversation Podcast, 3 Nov 2022 

Will price caps on coal and gas bring power prices down? An expert isn't so sure

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 9 Dec 2022


The National Electricity Market 25 years on: outcomes and prospects.

A presentation by Prof Bruce Mountain. Prepared for State of Energy Research Annual Conference, 31 Jan 2023 


The changing roles of markets in Australia's transition to renewable electricity: back to where we started?

A presentation by Prof Bruce Mountain, Energy Matters 2023, University of Auckland Energy Centre Speaker Series, 11 May 2023 

Mountain, B. R. (2023). The National Electricity Market 25 years on: outcomes and prospects. In: Captured! The political economy of Australian Neoliberal Public Policy. Edited by Phil Toner and Michael Rafferty, Sydney University Press, Forthcoming.

Downstream 2024

Bruce Mountain, International keynote: Australia's electricity revolution, Lower Hutt, Wellington NZ, 6 March 2024

Victoria's revived SEC. Will it be stymied by competition rules?

Bruce Mountain, Australian Fabians, 9 April 2024

The transition to clean energy in the NEM: some institutional questions

Bruce Mountain, Melbourne Economic Forum, 24 April 2024

Eraring closure exposes the ugly side of our energy transition

Bruce Mountain, The Australian, 15 May 2024

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