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Major electric vehicle policy expected for NSW to reach emission target

David Lipson, ABC News, 23 Dec 2022 


Renewable energy production hits new record in SA, as expert predicts more milestones to fall soon

Claire Campbell, ABC Business, 19 Dec 2022 


Energy price caps a rare blow to fossil fuel giants

Mike Seccombe, The Saturday Paper, 17 Dec 2022 


Australian coal exporters reap tens of billions of dollars in super profits from Russia's war

Rachel Williamson, Renew Economy, 15 Dec 2022 


Coal-fired power plants could receive bulk of price cap compensation, Treasury briefings suggest

Peter Hannam and Josh Butler, The Guardian, 14 Dec 2022 


What is nuclear fusion - and will it solve the energy crisis

Liam Mannix, The Age, 14 Dec 2022 


What the federal government's coal price cap means for power bills, generators and Queensland's royalties

Emily Sakzewski, ABC News Online, 10 Dec 2022 


Australian energy ministers to agree on promoting battery uptake but views on price caps differ

Peter Hannam and Ben Smee, The Guardian, 8 Dec 2022 


Politics with Michelle Grattan: Energy crisis has 'badly damaged' social licence of coal and gas

Michelle Grattan, The Conversation, 7 Dec 2022 


Tasmania is a renewables utopia. So why does it pay so much for power?

Matthew Denholm, The Australian, 3 Dec 2022 


Rural Victoria's plea: Andrews must "govern for all"

Peter Hunt and amp: Alex Sinnott, Weekly Times, 1 Dec 2022 


Government signals intention in implement price cap on wholesale gas

Brendan Esposito, ABC RN, 29 Nov 2022 


Dan enters the pantheon of 'great' leaders

Alan Moran, Spectator Australia, 28 Nov 2022 


How AGL's closure of Torrens Island gas-fired power station will affect SA's power prices and energy stability

Stacey Pestrin, ABC News Online, 25 Nov 2022 


South Australian power station to close, prompting calls for more renewable storage

Sowaibah Hanifie, Channel 7 News Online, 24 Nov 2022 

Case study: Energy savings to be found

South Street Energy, 22 Nov 2022 


Solar and wind power shutdown forecast as SA remains cut off from national electricity grid

ABC News Online, 15 Nov 2022 


Energy spotlight remains on Vic election

Callum Godde, Mudgee Guardian, 14 Nov 2022 


Gas vs green jobs: Major parties put energy into campaigns

Rachel Eddie and Annika Smethurst, The Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Nov 2022 


Coal and gas export levy 'simpler', says energy expert

Greg Brown, The Australian, 11 Nov 2022 


ABC RN Talkback: privatising electricity networks

Hilary Harper & Michael MacKenzie, ABC Radio National, Guests; Alison Reeve, Prof. Bruce Mountain, 7 Nov 2022 


Politics with Michelle Grattan: Energy Expert Bruce Mountain on what to do about the gas crisis

Michelle Grattan, The Conversation, 3 Nov 2022 


Government refuses to rule out cash rebates as power price woes continue

Alex Chapman, 7 News, 31 Oct 2022 


Albanese government staring at 'unpleasant choices' amid deepening energy price crisis

Daniel Mercer, ABC News, 27 Oct 2022 


Act on gas now or business will fail, Labor warned

Greg Brown & Nick Evans, The Australian, 27 Oct 2022 


How will Government "intervene" to curb rising power bills?

David Lipson, ABC News, 26 Oct 2022 


Does federal Labor have a touch of PTSD on climate? When you look at feisty Victoria, maybe!

Andrew Gardiner, The Fifth Estate, 25 Oct 2022 


South Street Energy recognised for innovation at iAwards

Energy Source & Distribution, 25 Oct 2022 

Daniel Andrews plan to revive the State Electricity Commission. What does that mean for Victoria's power?

Peter Hannam and Benita Kolovos, The Guardian, 22 Oct 2022 

Labors Electric Dream

Tamara Oudyn, ABC News, 20 Oct 2022 (available until 27/10/2022)


Vic plan to revive public energy ownership

Callum Godde, The Canberra Times, 20 Oct 2022 


Vic Govt vows to recharge state-owned power generator

David Eccles, IN Daily, 20 Oct 2022 


Deal signed to fund Marinus Link power cable between Tasmania and Victoria

Adam Holmes, ABC News, 19 Oct 2022 

Doubts remain despite 'game changing' multibillion dollar transmission and REZ funding launch

Bella Peacock, PV Magazine, 19 Oct 2022 


Experts say 'crazy' policies will hobble role of gas in Australia's energy transition

Daniel Mercer, ABC News, 18 Oct 2022 


Public ownership of power assets key to smooth shift to renewables, Queensland energy minister says

Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 17 Oct 2022 

Australia's newest coal plant Bluewaters strips fortunes amid rapid rise of renewable energy

Daniel Mercer, ABC News, 15 Oct 2022 


Power prices to rise, but renewables not to blame

Rachel Mealey, ABC News Radio, 11 Oct 2022 


Off the Grid

Daniel Mercer, 7.30 Report, 10 Oct 2022 (available until 9/11/2022)


Hydro hype: can it power Australia into tomorrow?

Caroline Riches, Commercial news, 3 Oct 2022

Ross Garnaut's Superpower follow-up tells a story of promise but also of peril

Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 1 October 2022


Australia's great energy transition reaches a 'tipping point' as clock winds forward for coal

Daniel Mercer, ABC News, 1 Oct 2022


Victoria's Loy Yang A power station will close as early as 2035. What does that mean for energy generation in the state?

ABC News, 30 Sept 2022


A forecast shortfall of gas on the East Coast next year looks to have been avoided

Beverley O'Connor, ABC, The World, 29 Sept 2022


Victoria's largest power station shutting down 10 years early

Stuart Marsh & Adam Vidler, 9 News, 29 Sept 2022


Vic faces 'enormous' energy transition

Callum Godde & Cassandra Morgan, The Area News, 29 Sept 2022


AGL intends to close the Loy Yang power station

ABC News Online, 2.28pm, 29 Sept 2022


AGL announces it will close Loy Yang A power station in Victoria's Latrobe Valley up to 10 years sooner than planned

ABC News Online, 29 Sept 2022


A world-first power plant aimed at solving Mildura's rhombus of regret

Liam Mannix, The Age, 26 Sept 2022


Fork in the road: can Tasmania unwind the environmental damage at Lake Pedder?

Adam Morton, The Guardian, 17 Sept 2022


Western Australia has the cheapest energy in the OECD, as prices go sky high in eastern states

Rod Myer, The New Daily, 5 Sept 2022


6 ways buyers and owners can save thousands of dollars per year

Linda Moon, Domain Media, 5 Sept 2022


Elysian Energy enters voluntary administration after doubling its electricity prices in June

Zilla Gordon, ABC Radio, 1 Sept 2022


Why Paul Broad resigned from Snowy Hydro

Angela Macdonald-Smith, Financial Review, 31 Aug 2022


Power transfer: Why ute-loving Aussies are finally demanding electric cars

Tony Davis, The Age Good Weekend, 27 Aug 2022


Snowy Hydro boss Paul Broad resigns leaving project facing delays and cost blowouts

Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 26 Aug 2022


Will Snowy Hydro change its spots after sudden departure of CEO?

Giles Parkinson, Renew Economy, 26 Aug 2022

Snowy 2.0 boss quits

ABC RN Online, 26 Aug 2022


Snowy Hydro 2.0 a 'very great waste of public money' 

SKY News, 22 Aug 2022


The urgent push for Australians to get into electric cars

Isabel Moussalli, ABC News, 19 Aug 2022


Energy ministers' reforms to Australia's electricity market could be path to a carbon price, experts say

Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 11 Aug 2022  


Consumers warned to prepare for record high electricity costs

The Project, Channel 10, 29 July 2022  


Pocket shock

The Project, Channel 10, 29 July 2022  (available for 3 months)


Australians warned to brace for power bill hike

Shuba Krishnan, SBS World News, 29 July 2022  


Household energy bills set to soar

Producer Nicole Hegarty, ABC Radio National, 29 July 2022  


Consumers brace for drastic power bills hike

Joe O'Brien, ABC News, 29 July 2022  


Wholesale energy prices triple

Daniel Mercer, ABC News, 29 July 2022  


Consumers warned of looming 'nightmare' as AEMO reports record wholesale electricity costs

Daniel Mercer, ABC News, 29 July 2022  


Carbon credit chaos

Daniel Ziffer, ABC The Business, 25 July 2022  (available until 24/08/2022)


Into thin air: Why is Australia facing a gas crisis?

Josh Gordon, Sydney Morning Herald, 24 July 2022  


Victoria has gas shortages - why is this and what does it mean?

Amelia Hetherington, Mozo, 22 July 2022  


Green energy backers attack capacity proposal, saying we 'shouldn't be paying to keep coal and gas'

Daniel Mercer, ABC Online, 21 July 2022  


Victoria demands 'immediate measures' to prevent gas supply crisis

Josh Gordon and Lachlan Abbott, The Age, 21 July 2022  


Victorian family makes off-grid home dream a reality amid nightmare energy prices

Rochelle Kirkham, ABC News, 14 July 2022  


Victorian energy economist raises doubts about viability of Marinus Link

Isabel Bird, The Examiner, 13 July 2022  


'Berserk' power prices to make solar battery bundles the next big thing

​Gus McCubbing, Financial Review, 11 July 2022  


AEMO's renewable energy roadmap ignores community stalemate, expert says

​MSN, 1 July 2022  


The cost of building a renewable future

​Jennifer Hewitt, Financial Review, 30 June 2022  


Could a storage target or a capacity incentive provide a lifeline for solar thermal

​Michael Mazengarb, Renew Economy, 28 June 2022  


Paying coal and gas plants to supply back-up energy a 'retrograde' step, Clean Energy Council says

​Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 28 June 2022  


Does Australia need Tasmania to become a multi-billion-dollar 'Battery of the Nation'?

​Rhiana Whitson, ABC News, 28 June 2022  


Sun cable: The giant project making Australia a world leader in renewable generation

Rod Myer, The New Daily, 24 June 2022  


Hopes energy market suspension 'has allowed for things to normalise'

​Sky News, 22 June 2022  


Power crisis 'could have been avoided', expert says, as Australians brace for for soaring electricity bills

​Alex Chapman, 7 News, 20 June 2022  


Australian energy crisis explained: what you can do about it

Nick O'Malley and Angus Thomson, 18 June 2022  


Snowy 2.0 is massively over budget and running behind schedule

​ABC 7.30, Bruce Mountain with Leigh Sales, 16 June 2022  


Is Australia's electricity market in crisis?

​ABC 7.30, Kelly Burns with Leigh Sales, 14 June 2022  


Qld electricity prices raise questions

​AAP Newswire, 16 June 2022  


AEMO suspends spot market in all eastern states

Bella Peacock, PV Magazine, 15 June 2022  


Energy economists are calling for change, so what can Queensland do to avoid future blackouts?

​ABC Business, 15 June 2022  


'Much too naive': extent of market cornering in energy crisis, underplayed, analyst says

Bella Peacock, PV Magazine, 14 June 2022  


Australia's energy ministers have an 11 point plan. Here's why it won't ease prices anytime soon

Peta Fuller, ABC News, 9 June 2022  


Your next power bill could hurt. Here's why

Bruce Mountain interview with Sam Hawley on ABC News Daily, 7 June 2022  


Labor needs to double the pace of its renewable energy rollout to meet 2030 emissions target. Can it be done?

Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 6 June 2022  


Electricity storage a critical challenge for incoming government, report says

Murray Silby, Kyabram Free Press, 3 June 2022  


Newly installed federal government faces a tough test on gas prices

Rod Myer, The New Daily, 1 June 2022  


Australia on the 'precipice' of a UK-style energy crisis as soaring costs push retailers out

Daniel Mercer, ABC News, 1 June 2022  


Why Australia needs to create a renewable storage target

Giles Parkinson, Renew Economy, 31 May 2022  


Focus on battery storage could be a cost-effective energy goal for Albanese government, report says

Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 31 May 2022  


'Bloodbath': Scrapped AGL demerger clears way for faster coal closures

Matthew Elmas, The New Daily, 30 May 2022  


Power price spike 'just the start' as smaller energy retailers struggle with surging wholesale market

Daniel Mercer, MSN, 28 May 2022  


Power prices are skyrocketing. It's time to shop around

Rod Myer, The New Daily, 10 May 2022  


Marinus Link locks in insurance broker to underpin $3.5 billion undersea cable

Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy, 10 May 2022  


Net zero policies split over hydrogen, batteries

Colin Packham, Australian Financial Review, 4 May 2022  


Slow move to renewables blamed for power price spike

Rod Myer, The New Daily, 29 April 2022  


Labor's power price fall claims 'don't stack up'

Mark Ludlow, Australian Financial Review, 27 April 2022  


Dropping seeds by drone, Telstra starts carbon farming to offset its emissions

Daniel Ziffer, ABC News, 24 March 2022  


Carbon credit companies to cash in on multi-billion-dollar windfall from the government

Daniel Ziffer, ABC News, 21 March 2022  


States leave feds in the dust as Taylor and Bowen play politics on energy transition

Callum Foote, Michael West Media, 16 March 2022  


Five years on, Snowy 2.0 emerges as $10 billion white elephant

Ted Woodley, The Age, 15 March 2022  


Victorian offshore wind policy to hasten demise of coal

Colin Packham, Australian Financial Review, 11 March 2022  


Behind Taylor's 'weird' decision that sparked Australia's carbon credit drama

Bella Peacock, PV Magazine, 9 March 2022  


'We're not the party of 2018': State Liberals adopt net zero target

Paul Sakkal, The Age, 8 March 2022  


Who is Mike Cannon-Brookes: The billionaire tech entrepreneur who tried to buy Australia's biggest energy provider AGL

Alex Brewster, ABC News, 7 March 2022  


Business urges Tasmania to abandon 'battery of the nation' plan

Peter Ker, Australian Financial Review, 7 March 2022  


What does AGL's takeover bid symbolise for Australia's coal future?

April Shepperd, Energy Magazine, 24 Feb 2022  


Interview with VEPC Director Bruce Mountain about AGL's rejection of an $8B takeover bid 

​Interview by Joe O'Brien, ABC News, Mornings, 21 Feb 2022  


Mike Cannon-Brookes and Brookfield in bid to take over AGL and shut down coal plants earlier

Adam Morton and Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 20 Feb 2022  


Tech mogul 'remains optimistic' on AGL bid

Marion Rae, Margaret River Mail, 21 Feb 2022  


NSW must accelerate renewables pipeline to compensate for Eraring

Colin Packham, Australian Financial Review, 18 Feb 2022  


Dropping coal will hike power costs – unless the government gets its act together

Rod Myer, The New Daily, 18 Feb 2022  


Eraring Power Plant to close in 2025

​Produced by: Andrew Herlinger and Amanda Copp, first aired on The Wire 2SER FM Sydney, 17 Feb 2022  


Bob Brown Foundation slams Marinus Link as ISP "white elephant"

Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy,17 Feb 2022  


Why the shutdown of AGL's coal-fired plants will probably happen even sooner than power giant says

Peter Hannam, The Guardian, 11 Feb 2022  


Gas losing favor in electricity market as renewables power on

Miki Perkins, The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 Feb 2022  


A hot Kurri Kurri: why Labor's fossil fuel proposal is worse than the Coalition's

Callum Foote, Michael West Media, 8 Feb 2022  


Australia's battery capacity set to double within months

Colin Packham, Australian Financial Review, 7 Feb 2022  


Health workers call for AGL to quit coal amid concerns about health risks

Jarrod Whittaker, ABC Gippsland, 1 Feb 2022  


Marinus Link: connecting Tasmania's clean energy future

Rosie Bensley, Energy Source & Distribution, 27 Jan 2022  


South Australia sets renewable energy record

Lucy Jones, Planet Ark, 21 Jan 2022  


Regulator outlines "solar tax" rules, says onus on networks to prove they need it

Sophie Vorrath, Renew Economy, 20 Jan 2022  


South Australia breaks record by running for a week on renewable energy 

​Nick O'Malley, The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 Jan 2022  


Model flexible coal plant set for early closure by 2032

​Colin Packham, Australian Financial Review, 10 Jan 2022  


AEMO told to reassess death of coal

​Kanika Sood, Australian Financial Review, 10 Jan 2022  

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