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Retail markets and loyalty taxes

If you need a PhD to read your power bill, buying wisely is all but impossible

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 25 June 2018


New regulations expose energy price gouging through ‘free’ comparison sites

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 9 Jan 2019


Energy price gouging exposed by new regulations

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 14 Jan 2019


Regulator’s ruling on default market offers might not lower prices

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 30 April 2019


Victorians who switched energy retailers only save $45 a year – leaving hundreds on the table 

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 2 Sept 2019


Mountain, B. R. (2019) ‘Do I have a deal for you? Buying well in Australia’s contestable retail electricity markets’, in Sioshansi, F.P. (ed.) Consumer, Prosumer, Prosumager: How Services Innovations Will Disrupt the Utility Business Model. Boston: Academic Press, pp97–108.


Mountain, B. R., Kars, A. (2019). Do Victoria’s households leave less money on the table when they switch electricity retailers? VEPC Working Paper 1909.


Mountain, B.R., Burns, K. (2020) ‘Loyalty taxes in retail electricity markets: not as they seem?’ Journal of Regulatory Economics


Dont worry: staying at home for months is unlikely to lead to an eye-watering electricity bill

Bruce Mountain, Kelly Burns and Steven Percy, The Conversation, 24 April 2020


COVID-19 and Social Distancing: Does It Show Up in the Demand for Electricity?

​Steven Percy and Bruce Mountain, International Association for Energy Economics (IAEE) Energy Forum, COVID-19 Special Issue 2020


Mountain, B. R., Burns. K. (2020) ‘Loyalty taxes in retail electricity markets: not as they seem?’ IAEE/USAEE Working Paper No. 20-448. Available at: SSRN: or

Mountain, B. R., Burns, K. (2020). VEPC Retail Market Monitor Data description and explanation.


You can’t trust the price-comparison market, as iSelect’s $8.5 million fine shows

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 13 Oct 2020


Response to Catherine Waddams "A review of the energy price cap and the future of switching"

Presentation by Director VEPC, Prof Bruce Mountain, Beesley Lectures, Lecture 7, 18 Nov 2021 


I chose the electricity retailer offering the best deal for my home. That's not what I got.

Bruce Mountain, VEPC Director, The Conversation, 15 Nov 2021

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