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Rooftop solar business models and economics

Mountain, B. R., Kars, A. (2018). Using electricity bills to shine a light on rooftop solar PV in Australia. Report for Solar Citizens. Melbourne.


BTM prospects in Australia: observations from contemporary evidence of consumers’ response to prices

Presentation by VEPC Director, A/Prof Bruce Mountain, Behind-the-meter Symposium, Sydney, 29 August 2019 


Mountain, B. R., Burns, K., and Percy, S. (June, 2020). Rooftop PV and electricity distributors: who wins and who loses? VEPC Working Paper 2006.


Mountain, B. R. (2020). Behind-the-meter prospects: what do household customers’ responses to prices tell us?, in Sioshansi, F. P. (ed.) Behind and Beyond the Meter: Digitalization, Aggregation, Optimization, Monetization. Boston: Academic Press, pp 307–317. ISBN: 978-0-12-819951-0.


Mountain, B. R. (2023). Commercial rooftop solar in Australia: State of play, innovation and prospects, in Sioshansi, F.P. (ed.) The future of decentralised electricity distribution networks. Elsevier. ISBN: 978-0-443-15591-8 


BOOT comes to households: has the sharing economy arrived in Australia's electricity market?

Presentation by VEPC Director, Prof Bruce Mountain, State of Energy Research Conference, 8 Dec 2021 

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