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Mountain, B. R., Percy, S. (2020). Analysis of the consumer benefits associated with earlier commissioning of VNI-West or Marinus. Report for the Australian Energy Market Operator. Available on request.  


Mountain, B. R. (2022). VEPC Submission on VNI-West Project Assessment Draft Report (PADR)


Mountain, B. R. and Bartlett, S. (2023). Submission on VNI-West Consultation Report – Options Assessment


Put up a parking lot: Why these new transmission projects will fail wind and solar

Bruce Mountain and Simon Bartlett, Renew Economy, 24 April 2023


New links could turn Victoria into energy importer: Solar and storage would be cheaper

Bruce Mountain and Simon Bartlett, Renew Economy, 05 May 2023


The investment test for electricity transmission has become a sham

Bruce Mountain and Simon Bartlett, Renew Economy, 15 June 2023


Mountain, B.R., Bartlett, S., Edwards, D. (2023). No longer lost in transmission: Expanding transmission need not be at the expense of land-holders, renewables investors, communities, consumers and the environment. Victoria Energy Policy Centre, Victoria University, Melbourne. DOI: 10.26196/gf0x-ww20.


No longer lost in transmission

A presentation by Prof Bruce Mountain, Simon Bartlett and Darren Edwards, Victoria Energy Policy Centre (VEPC),  Victoria University,  Melbourne.  2 August 2023.

Is there a case for building new grid interconnectors? AEMO's own data suggests not

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 12 October 2023

The diversity argument for this new transmission link doesn't stack up

Bruce Mountain, Renew Economy, 19 October 2023

Botched transmission is a botched transition

Bruce Mountain, State of Energy Research Conference, Perth, 15 February 2024

Victoria's power outage could have been far worse. Can we harden the grid against extreme weather

Bruce Mountain, The Conversation, 23 February 2024

Statement in response to the Victorian Government's "Summary of the Independent Assessment of Plan B"

Bruce Mountain, VEPC Statement, 9 April 2024

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